P E E P – 2




PEEP 2 –  Presenting End to End Practice.

12th April to 22nd April 2019; 11:00 a.m – 7:00 p.m

PEEP is a community initiative program started by Mrs.Bhargavi Gundala at Dhi Artspace. PEEP 2 is in collaboration with Goethe Zentrum. It enables the artists to experiment their creativity at a new place to enhance and showcase their piece of art and work together along with other fellow artists. Our mission is to provide each artist with a quality experience and an opportunity to further work as a progressive artist. It is like an open workshop to all the local artists, students from different art institutes, schools and other art enthusiasts. We have a panel discussion and interactive sessions between Art professors and the participants scheduled every day.PEEP 2 was curated by Lina Vincent from Goa and eight participants (Krishnal Fulwala, Mansi Bhagat, Rutva Gujjar, Bharat Dodiya, Souvik Das, Sagar Mule and Azmeera HAthiram) belonging from different parts of the nation. We also have group discussions among the artists for the future endeavors.



B & W, Web


1. Bharat Dodiya

Bharat Dodiya - IMG_0317 copy


2. HathiramHathiram - IMG_0340 copy



3. Kalpit GaonkarKalpit Gaonkar - IMG_0325 copy


4. Krishnal FulwalaKrishnal Fulwala - IMG_0321 copy


5. Mansi BhagatMansi Bhagat - IMG_0291 copy


6.Rutva GajjarRutva Gajjar - IMG_0344 copy


7. Sagar Suresh Naik MuleSagar Naik Mule - IMG_0312 copy


8. Souvik DasSouvik Das - IMG_0282 copy

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